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InstructorClass NumberSectionCourse TitleClass TimesRoom NumberCourse Links
Rhonda Nicol ENG101.01Composition as Critical Inquiry   
Carol Lind ENG110.01English Literature and Its Contexts   
William McBride ENG124.01Film Style and Literature   
Kass Fleisher ENG125.01Literary Narrative MTWR 11:00 - 13:50STV 0220
Elizabeth Williams ENG125.02Literary Narrative   
Angela Haas ENG128.01Gender in the Humanities   
Michelle Wright-Dottore ENG128.02Gender in the Humanities   
Francesco Levato ENG145.01Writing in the Academic Disciplines T R 11:00 - 13:50STV 0250
Gabriel Gudding ENG227.01Introduction to Creative Writing   
Lee Brasseur ENG249.01Technical & Professional Writing I   
ENG271.01Literature for Young Children MTWR 11:00 - 13:50STV 0220
ENG287.01Independent Study   
Eileen Bularzik ENG290.01Language Arts   
ENG299.01Independent Honor Study   
Hyun-Sook Kang ENG344.01Tchng Eng to Speakers of Other Langs,Theoretical Foundations  
Kasia Witkowska-Stadnik ENG344.091Tchng Eng to Speakers of Other Langs,Theoretical FoundationsS09:00 - 13:006003
Kasia Witkowska-Stadnik ENG344.091Tchng Eng to Speakers of Other Langs,Theoretical FoundationsF 17:00 - 21:006003
ENG344.092Tchng Eng to Speakers of Other Langs,Theoretical FoundationsT R 17:30 - 20:306012
ENG345.091Tesol Methods and Materials S09:00 - 16:006003
Karen Coats ENG375.01Young Adult Literature MTWR 13:00 - 15:50STV 0230
James Kalmbach ENG398.01Professional Practice,Internship in English    Summer2014398-498syllabi.pdf
Hilary Justice ENG400.01Independent Study   
Julie Cheville ENG409.61The Writing Project MTWR 13:00 - 15:50STV 0133
James Kalmbach ENG498.01Professional Practice,Internship in English   
ENG499.01Independent Research for the Master`s Thesis   
ENG499.11Independent Research for the Master`s Thesis   
Julie Cheville ENG500.01Independent Study   
Rebecca Saunders ENG500.02Independent Study   
Kass Fleisher ENG500.03Independent Study   
ENG500.04Independent Study   
ENG500.05Independent Study   
ENG500.06Independent Study   
Brian Rejack ENG560.01Seminar in Literature & Culture MTWR 09:00 - 12:30STV 0410
ENG599.01Research and Dissertation   
ENG599.11Research and Dissertation   
ENG599.901Research and Dissertation Final Term   

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