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Christopher De Santis - English Department Chair.

Christopher De Santis

Professor and Chair

The Department of English at Illinois State University is dedicated to providing an environment that facilitates the individual and communal work—creative, intellectual, administrative, and outreach—of our faculty, staff, and students. Our vision is guided by the University mission statement, Educating Illinois, and includes the following:

  • Create a work environment that values all members as people and fosters positive morale and transparency where possible, acknowledges and honors the professionalism of all faculty, staff, and graduate assistants in our various roles, and recognizes the interdependence of our work through informal and formal discourse;
  • Promote innovative and dynamic pedagogical research, scholarship, and practice in the classroom and the curriculum;
  • Support—through reassigned time and co-teaching opportunities—interdisciplinary research and publication, while continuing to value the forms of research and publication that are appropriate to a particular field;
  • Continue to articulate and revise a multi-dimensional understanding of English Studies that responds to the changing needs of our students, the field, and the world;
  • Maintain our commitment to providing students with a learning environment and community that supports growth as a individual, professional, and citizen;
  • Strengthen diversity in the composition of our faculty, students, and curricular and pedagogical approaches through individual, programmatic, and departmental action;
  • Secure the facilities and resources required to support excellence in scholarship, teaching, and research.