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English Department Courses

Are you looking for courses to take from the English Department? These links should help. For more information, contact Libby Barna.

Next Semester
English Course Offerings

The links below offer detailed courses descriptions about the classes offered by the English department in the next semester. These pages are generally updated around October 1 for spring semester courses and March 1 for fall semester courses.

Summer English Course Offerings

When available, the link below will lead to detailed course descriptions about many of the classes offered by the English Department in the upcoming summer session.

Current Semester
English Course Offerings

The page linked to below offers information about all of the courses, times, rooms, and teachers in classes offered by the English Department in the current semester. This page does not include descriptions of courses. The current semester course offerings are usually updated the a week before classes start in a new semester.

Current semester English Department course offerings.

English Courses by Area

The English Department offers many courses in the disciplines of English Studies. We offer a listing of those courses broken down by area to help students determine what courses match their interests.

Learn more about English Department courses.

Digital Reserve

The Digital Reserve is a password protected storage area for readings for English courses.

Learn more about the Digital Reserve.