Department of English at Illinois State University

CITE - Conference for Illinois Teachers of English

CITE, the Conference for Illinois Teachers of English, convenes at the Bone Student Center at Illinois State University each April, usually on the second Friday. Teachers of English and language arts in Illinois attend the conference, which provides workshops on current issue in the teaching of English/language arts. Classroom teachers, administrators, university faculty, and state testing officials make up the group of presenters. Planning for the conference takes place in September when a group of volunteers from around the state meet to suggest topics and possible presenters. Those attending the conference are also asked to volunteer to present.

Presentations at the conference focus on current issues of importance to teachers and student teachers. Nearly every year, sessions include reading and writing connections, assessment, literature issues, writing issues, and administrative concerns for teacher leaders.

The conference dates to the late 1960's when Professor John Heissler began inviting high school departments chairs to campus to discuss important issues in teaching. Originally named HISET (Heads of Illinois Secondary English Teachers), the name was changed to CITE in 1996.

Each year at the conference, an award for excellence in English is given to an outstanding teacher in Dr. Heissler's name. Past winners have included Norman Stewart, John Eckman, Rachel Faries, Gail Mitchell, Malcolm Stern, Glenn Rittmueller, David Briggs, Kenneth Holmes, Lee Mulcrone, Kay Jacob, Wendell Schwartz, Kay Parker, George Shea, Susan Benjamin, Nell Wieman, Patrick Monahan, Donna Blackall, Thomas McCann, Harriet Johnson Naden, Anna Jackson, Jean Wallace, Barbara Fuson, Alison Nelson, and Claire Lamonica.

Those who have co-chaired the conference over the years include the late Glenn Grever, John Heissler, Janice Neuleib, Claire Lamonica, Robert Broad, Paula Ressler, and Linda Lienhart. The Department and the University have supported the conference through the contribution of faculty time and energy for over forty years. The University Conferencing Center began work with the conference in the eighties and has continued to be a major support in the logistics of the meeting.


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For more information, contact Cite Co-Chair, Dr. Janice Neuleib.