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Euphemism 13.1 Fall 2017

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Euphemism has a prestigious history as ISU's literary journal. Formerly known as Druid's Cave and The Triangle, the ISU English Department has published a number of exicting and innovative creative genres over the last four decades. The current editorial board honors our past editors, writers, and artists as we continue the strong tradition of creative expression at ISU.


Please enjoy the following issues! We will add more issues as they become available to us. Click on the title to view the complete issue.



Druid's Cave




The Cave 2000

Editors: Dan Mauer, Audrey Rosenblatt, Jennifer Yario, and Dillon Boyer



Druid's Cave 1999

Editors: Rosemarie DiMatteo and Joshua Gulick



Druid's Cave 1995

Editors: Mohomodou Houssouba, Vicky Adams, Don Illich, Roy Pulliam, and Elizaabeth Rintoul



Druid's Cave 1993

Editors: Jonathan Budil, Susan Swartwout, Cinday Avino, Jon Etter, Shannon Gallagher, Stacey Hamlin, Dan Martini, Brandi Reissenweber, Romayne Rubinas, Larry Behm



Druid's Cave 1992

Editors: Lisa Prothers, J.P. Tria, Cinda Avino, Joe Falout, Dirk A. Root, and Larry Behm



Druid's Cave 1989

Editors: Mary Leen, Mark Withrow, Carol Albrecht-Schrantz, Joan Crooks, Demetrice Worley, Michelle Knight, and Ricardo Cruz




"I Bumped My Head" 1989

Editors: Daniel A Ryan IV, Tom Long, Bill Bowman, AnneMarie Hooste



Druid's Cave 1987

Editors: Paul Garrison, Karen K. Johnston, Laura A. McGowan, Peter L. Savio amd Bremda Stalcup



Druid's Cave 1986

Editors: James John Baran, Jeffery C. Duncan, K. Karen Johnston, Mark Simmons, Mark Withrow



Druid's Cave 1985

Editors: Terri Stone, Brian Daldorph, and Anne Norton



Druid's Cave 1977

Editors: Dominic Surprenant, Dave Henson, and Sue Kohl




Druid's Cave 1976

Selection Board: Rob Koehler, Mary McAlpine, Richard Nowak, Todd Tecumseh, Bennett Theissen



Druid's Cave 1975 Vol 1

Editors: Gary Duerh, Gregory Brosofske, Meryl Ennis Susan Kohl, Lisa Clare Kombrink, James LaRue, Betty Kinser, Tom McCormick, and Wonsook Kim



Druid's Cave 1975 Vol 2

Editors: Gary Duehr, Charles Collinson, Rebecca Ellils, Phyllis Gardocki, and James LaRue



Druid's Cave 1974

Editors: Gary Duehr, Joe Catrambone, Becky Ellis, Phyllis Gardocki, Gabriele Moshage, Ross, and Terry Underwood







Triangle 1971

Editors: Miss Gayle Smith and Professor Schott Eatherly



Triangle 1970

Editor: Professor Scott Eatherly




He Made Us Do It!



"He Made Us Do It" (Year Unknown)

Editors: Peter Holstein, Peter March, Sara Knecht, and Joe Gabriel


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