The Emancipation of One's Emotions

Tutu Kalejaiye


Time waits for no one... And to be frank , nor does Love
I mustn’t continue to wait, for I can no longer forbear
the feelings that I have. So I forcefully forbid myself to continue this way..
because such would ensue in a heart of severe "wear and tear."


In my head they stir round and round like circles..
comparable to the redundant rotary sequences
of a spoon astir the sugar ‘neath a cup of tea
Like the song, every morsel of my being wants to "let it be"


I want to ‘let it be’ ---- known’st to those I love...
For these are feelings of love not lust, If I'm not mistaken
Regardless, I must admit they are purer
than the serenity and peace of an off white dove.


Like a worm in the rain, I shan't hesitate,
to squirm free from the dirt, onto the path to seek love, for there shall be no disdain
 With these feelings that I have, from confrontation I mustn’t continue to refrain.
If my mind were a room... the scent of love would be uberly overwhelming..

A scent though too sweet and sensual would be rather selfish of me... to keep it all myself.


So I must embark on a journey to ventilate the artistic attic of my anatomy..
And let the aromas roam free, like un-caged animals to the potential lovers of which I so desire;
To share these feelings as an ideal rich man would share his wealth.
In the end, when all is said and done; Hopefully such actions shall quench my thirst and feed my fire...
Upon such an embarkment, Love notwithstanding, I merely seek acceptance, rather than to be viewed as an anomaly.

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