I Dream of You

Zack Price

As if made for each other, our hands fit perfectly together. So gently they moved back and forth with each step. The warm water reached our feet as we walked along the Pacific shore. Although the footprints would eventually be washed away, each step, each moment with her, would forever remain in my heart. Side by side, hand in hand, our feet sunk into the sand, imprinting a love’s journey in which I hoped to never stop walking.

I looked out upon the, seemingly, never-ending ocean. Like stars in a Southern sky, the half-risen sun lit each ripple. Though the sand, the water, and the sunset were of such great beauty, I came to the realization that there was nothing in this world more beautiful than the girl holding my hand. It wasn’t the smell of the fresh, salty air that I loved; it was her lightly-perfumed aroma. It wasn’t the West Coast sun that gave me warmth; it was the feeling of being with her and seeing her smile. It wasn’t the diamond-like ripples that caught my eye; it was the way her brown eyes danced in the sunlight. Not the feeling of the sand between my toes, but it was the touch of her hand in mine that felt so right.

How we had gotten to the Pacific shore, I had no recollection of. Yet, I didn’t care to question it. I was there with her and couldn’t have asked for more. Her brown hair swaying with the wind and her light-blue shirt fit her tan complexion to perfection, illuminating her eyes, appearing that much more soft and beautiful. There was always something about the coast that I loved. It was the perfect place for me to simply be myself and live without care. A soothing rhythm was created by the waves as they lightly fell into the shore. The coast was the perfect place to be with the person most important to my life. It was a pure, natural feeling that came to my mind and heart. The atmosphere and the girl were of such an ineffable love that could only be comparable to perfection.

She was like a book. Each year was a different chapter and each day was a new page. She fit every genre imaginable. Each genre combined to define someone so simple, yet mysterious. Every memory she shared, every word she spoke, enticed me to read more. I knew that I could never understand its entire meaning, but that didn’t keep me from desiring to continue reading and learn as much as possible. The cover of the book, her appearance, was of pure and natural beauty, but it was the words, her life, that defined the true essence of beauty. All that I could hope and strive for was to become a main character until the book was through.

There was a constant ringing sound in the distance. Despite the sound, I stopped walking, looked into her beautiful, brown eyes, brushed my fingers through her soft hair, and leaned in for, hopefully, my last first kiss. As our lips nearly met, the sound grew louder. Closer and closer, I paused for a moment as the noise was almost unbearable. Everything went black and my body went numb. Suddenly, I regained feeling. I opened my eyes only to find myself lying in bed. I had woken up.

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