Steven D. Stark lives in Massachusetts where he writes fiction and poetry. Previous poems this year have been featured in 3 am, Mobius, LiITnIMAGE, and Verse Wisconsin, among other venues.

This is Your Life

Steven Stark


Never made a deal.
Failed to say the secret word.
Couldn’t buy a vowel.
Refused to find Carmen Sandiego.
Phoned a friend: Got a machine.
Circle didn’t get the square.
Never met bachelorette Number 1.
Or 2.
Or 3.
Missed the toss-up question.
Survey didn’t say.
Disinclined to pick a door.
Took a 50-50: Still couldn’t decide.
Unable to please stand up.
Or tell the truth.
Or face the consequences.
The tribe never spoke.
Wife unsafely secluded backstage.
Asked the audience: Four-way tie.
Forgot to name that tune.
Had no secret.
Or line.
Or wager on the daily double.
You’re fired!
Took Paul Lynde to block. He’s dead.
Didn’t want to come on down.
Couldn’t match, the board went back.
Failed to beat the clock.
Is that your final answer?
You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

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