Artist Statement:

For this piece, my focus was on the emotions students feel at any time during the year that result from being over loaded and/or over worked due to their different academic departments only focusing on the work they distribute individually and without thought toward the work of other departments. There is a sort of depression that occurs in the minds of the student when they have so much work to do that the possibility of producing quality work is dissolved. This piece was built on this emotion and it is my intent that when readers take in this piece, that they feel.

The Crossing of Normal

Jeremy Meyers


The crossing was built to bridge the gap
To ease the travels
Of brittle old youth
And cross that bridge
They did to die
Crushed under pressed trees
Cut by design.

The bridge was raised above the road
To make safe the pilgrimage
The new blood took
And they walked that olive branch
Day and night
To be swallowed by monsters
As this was their plight.

The connection was made
Between two lands
Ravaged by artillery
With big brothers stamps
So crawl across
The grace they did
Into an entrapment
Which eased the pain.

The crossing was built to bridge the gap
Making only more helpless
The brittle old saps
Who yearned for quiet
And peace of mind
Their left over bones
Were the wolves delight.

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