Artist Statement

What is Poetry? To me, it is music without a synthesizer, but equally delicious to the ears and mind was an old expression but now a new hobby will be created by graceful hands and tasteful hearts has been retained thoughts, burst like mint bubbles
can be lyrics to a song never published or sampled could be new art, Da Vinci’s undead pursuit should be inspiring, a star searing sight might be symbols for those treasure hunters may be simple for those simple-minded is being a pastime for those enjoying free time but it is not dead it is just dormant, inside our pens.

Artist Bio:

Alex Qing Yuan, born in Canada and aged 17, currently attends high school and edits Poetry Pacific in Vancouver. Since grade 10, Allen's poetry has appeared in 49 literary publications across 13 countries, including Contemporary American Voices, Cordite Poetry Review, Istanbul Literary Review, Literary Review of Canada, Mobius, Paris/Atlantic, Poetry Scotland, Spillway, Taj Mahal Review and Two Thirds North. Poetry submissions welcome at

Urban Mingling

Allen Quin Yuan


Full of the promising young, and the promised old
This kaleidoscope-like urban cityscape
Stuttering in broken circles of light
Towers zig-zagging
Across the geared, cyan skyline

No being cynical
Expanding borders
Until all sides are hypotenuses
But it’s your life, don’t make it a brutal brawl

Cybernetic world,
The clash of (common) creeds,
Is all I need to make sure that
There is not only me

Everyone’s values are today’s splendid, Splenda society
Making life sweet
It’s so wonderful--
To be you and me





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