Ego City

Angelique Ambers


Inside me it dwells, like a bat out of hell,
Looks, cannot tell what inner thoughts prevail,
Constantly seeking. Needing.
Wanting. Approval.
I walk around like I am the best,
Heels high, Thighs wide, I stick out my breast,
Smile. Lick my luscious lips.
And sway my hips.
Men trip over me:
Like three-year olds on their loose shoe laces.
Beauty shows no traces,
worthless I feel.
Searching for love through sex,
since Daddy exposed me to pain.
Horrific. Creeping into my room late night,
and introducing me to womanhood.
I no longer feel happiness like a young girl should.
Carefree spirit, replaced with a dark secret.
Threatened, I am determined to keep it.
Appearing content,
Though my heart is filled with resent.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790