Artist Statement:

My purpose as a writer is to understand myself, as well as the world I live in. Time is not linear, but putting events in a sort of linear fashion helps me reflect on my life and whether or not I am adding to the world in a positive way. Having a written account of my experiences gives me an estimate of how far I have grown as a person. Without looking at my past, I will have no bearing, or no direction for my future. 

Writing also gives me a freedom I can rarely enjoy anywhere else. I can change the past or the future by simply picking up a pen. There is always an idea drifting around in my head and writing it down stops me from holding onto that idea for too long. If there are too many things in my mind, then my work will begin to suffer. Writing frees me of always worrying about my creations. Writing gives my thoughts a home.

“Deconstructing Reality” is one of my attempts at playing around with perception and time. The idea of venturing into your own mind was the main topic of this piece. Our reality has limits but in our thoughts, there are no such restraints. In this piece, I wanted to convey the reluctance as well as the excitement of escaping from one reality and how journeying into the mind could be comparable to a journey into space, or even into a different dimension. Within us all, there exists a mind waiting to be explored.


Deconstructing Reality

Ian Denton





Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790