Kyle Klendworth

This is rape. I have never consented to this.

I'm being widened and filled and extorted in all sorts of impractical ways. My private assets have been used, discarded, and discredited – now, I'm worth less. Liquidate my assets, save my asshole, stimulate my cash flow, fill me with incum and leave me: Dripping(.) And dragging and drowning. Trickling down on me. All over me. Clamor for change. Beg for it. On hands, on knees, bleed and plead for it. Pressed against the wall, max out and pass out. Defibrillate.


Tender. Rough, coarse, raw and fragile. Reprehensible, unable to give what's due, or past due, and unable to do the things needed to be done to become one with someone (else). It drags us down, all down, into a debt that cannot be repaid, not in public, nor with our privates. It depreciates humanity, and defaces our current moral currency. Ethicality isn't. Be it soundwave or soundbite, no one will wait for your vocal waves protesting the monstrosity of an appendage that is begging to be bit.

Associate associates who are not approachable or apologetic for the angled and argyle ties they tie to asphyxiate, alienate, and abdicate all amoral things done to the now aghast, exhausted and poorly lubricated anus that reminds me of what this actually is. When the time cums, and brings whatever momentary ecstasy with it that orgasm may, use that power against the system. Gain traction from this sticky, awful social lubricant and turn it upside down. Flip it over on the head, and bite it off.

Being laissez-faire about this ménage à trois between us, money, and society will only result in the dissolution of notre raison d'être. Not to say a French kiss is a better solution to this reign of terror but everything is counterfeit, and not even really fiat anyway, so the difference between English and anything else just seems arbitrarily harsh on linguistics.


Don't bother with some semblance of a brighter fortune. Five hundred, possibly thousands, millions, or billions, or trillions of others just like me are floating out there around in the seas of fucking irresponsibility – or irresponsibly fucking, whichever you'd prefer, because the only thing that matters is that you get it your way, and our services shouldn't stop there. It's full service here, and there, it should be touching everywhere.

It's not freedom, it's bondage. It's not bravery, it's slavery – a culture of taking and consuming, discarding, polluting, and pilfering. Ameri(can) go fuck its corporate and materialistic asshole with one of the tens of thousands of irrelevant items (read: dildos) which it so badly wants us to ingest. Regurgitate, gargle and excrete the excess. Pin us down and penetrate us with a product, we will not protest. Instead, we will burn it all down and start it anew. Discredit the creditors and exile the auditors, burn all the bankers and execute the investors. Build a fair and equal fiscal system on which everyone stands equal.


This is rape. We will never consent.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790