Artist Statement:

I have not always been a writer; my first love was always art; painting and sculpting were my initial medium. Yet I have been led to take up a pen and paper in recent years or in the case of my sound instillation a microphone and a voice. I write to inspire; I write provoke; and I write to offer a voice for thoughts left unsaid. The works herein include my poem “Letters to My Father” and my sound instillation/spoken word poem “Ode to the Colonized.” Their creations have been an assemblage of parts and have been composed for the purpose of provoking feelings and ideas. They are more distinctly purposed to show the compositions of literatures I’ve read this semester and my acquired knowledge, as well as my perspectives on personal events.  I hope my work may allow readers and listeners to become more exposed to conceptual issues of colonization, family, and generational dissonance within these poetic yet purposefully formatted works.

Letters To My Father

Sarah Mae Voracek

Part 1
Sunday, December 9, 2012 12:35pm
Dear Dad,
You can be happy if you want to;
You just needs to let go 
Of your pointless anger
You should realize life
Is short and it’s not worth fighting over
Making your family upset, hurt,
Or creating unnecessary pain
In yourself.
It could be worse
Dad, You could be dead. 
Your unbiological daughter


Part 2
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 9:42pm
Dear Dad,
I know I will never make you happy
I know I will abandon you
You need to get over it.
You can watch your football today
And drink at the bar with your friends
I won’t
Be like you,
I won’t
Live here, with you,
I won’t.
I will never make you happy, for you
To be called my father
But my happiness is more important
And yours is unreachable.
Your unbiological daughter


Part 3
Thursday, January 23, 2013
Dear Dad,
It’s been a while
I am sorry, but the holidays kill everyone
Even You Dad. I know you know
That I like to smoke now
And I know you know
That I drink too
And I know you know
I smoke weed when I need freedom.
I am sure that you know, that I know, 
You are exactly the same as me
But worse, you are too hypocritical.
Your unbiological daughter


Part 4
Thursday, February 7, 2013
Dear Dad, 
Do you like to make my mother feel helpless.
Do you like to abuse the fact that she still holds onto a small part of you, that she still loves you?
You don’t love her though, do you?
Why can’t you see, you are bad parents
You have destroyed your children
Both depressed, both subjected to the views of how poorly you treat women
Are we destined then for our mother’s fate?
Will we be with a man like you?
Please swear to me we will not. If so I will surely die.
It wouldn’t be the first time I died though, would it?
Your unbiological daughter


Part 5
Sunday, February 24, 2013
Dear Dad,
I hate you, you’re a pig.
I hate myself, I’m a whore.
Goodbye forever,
Your unbiological daughter

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