Artist Statement:

I have not always been a writer; my first love was always art; painting and sculpting were my initial medium. Yet I have been led to take up a pen and paper in recent years or in the case of my sound instillation a microphone and a voice. I write to inspire; I write provoke; and I write to offer a voice for thoughts left unsaid. The works herein include my poem “Letters to My Father” and my sound instillation/spoken word poem “Ode to the Colonized.” Their creations have been an assemblage of parts and have been composed for the purpose of provoking feelings and ideas. They are more distinctly purposed to show the compositions of literatures I’ve read this semester and my acquired knowledge, as well as my perspectives on personal events.  I hope my work may allow readers and listeners to become more exposed to conceptual issues of colonization, family, and generational dissonance within these poetic yet purposefully formatted works.

Ode to the Colonized

Sarah Mae Voracek


Musical Accompaniment: Russian Circle "Campaign"



Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790