I Was

Kiersten Peshek


I'm sure this is what most considered monotone. What did any of this matter in the long run of
my life? There was so much more I could do outside of this small room. Yet here I sat, forcing myself to listen and to not fall asleep in class. I could have sworn it was getting hotter as the class progressed and I cursed the summer sun coupled with a lack of air conditioning. I was pretty sure the combination should be illegal. One of us could die of heat stroke. What if it was me? Then this class would become a true waste of precious time and life since I was totally going to change the world. I heard the rustle of papers start up as many of us began to fan ourselves. Could it get any worse? The guy next to me snorted and woke himself up. I glanced around the room for the 50th time and tried to count all the marks on the wall. That was about when the screaming began. What was going on? I turned towards the front and froze. My monotone professor was currently on the ground, his clothes lit up like my house on Christmas Eve. I don't recall the moment I began to scream, as I did not consciously choose to do so, but it was about the time when I realized that the entire front of the classroom was now lit up. I could hear my classmates screams but it all seemed to fade into the back round as my body clicked into survival mode. My belongings didn't matter anymore. All I could see was the door waiting at the back of the classroom. It wasn't until I reached the door that their cries came through the haze in my head.

“It's locked! It's locked! We're trapped! We'll die!” My mind screamed at me survive! drop low! I got on my knees and crawled away from the legs of my classmates. I wasn't ready to die. I was going to change the world. I found a space free of my classmates and dropped from my crawl to being flat on the floor. It wasn't exactly clean air but it wasn't going to kill me right away either. Would I survive long enough for them to find me? The smoke was leaving less and less space to breath as the seconds ticked on. I could feel my body convulsing as I tried to keep my breathing slow and steady. I could have sworn my skin was on fire. It was so hot; I could no longer breathe. I was supposed to change the world...

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