Ja'lissia and Lloyd

Ja'lissia Mitchell


It is the fourth of July and we are going to go swimming. We met Dani at the pool and Jalissa went down the big, swirly waterslide. I go to jump off the 10 meter diving board, and I am really scared. I jumped and splashed everyone! SPLASH!


We decided to all go to the coolest, biggest dance part ever! Much to out surprise we saw Lloyd on the dance floor! We looked at each other and screamed. Jalissa is Lloyd’s biggest fan. We go to the dance floor and Jalissa walks up to Lloyd and says, “Hey! Want to dance? I bet I can teach you a thing or two!” Lloyd smiles and says, “Show me, because I bet you can’t.” So Jalissa starts to dance and the dance floor clears out and she takes over the dance floor. Everyone is watching in amazement as she out dances her favorite superstar!


Lloyd smiles and says, “You really can out dance me!” Jalissa looks at Lloyd, “Well, since I can out dance you, I think we should go on a date to the pizza place and it’s your treat!”


The next night, Lloyd came to pick up Jalissa at her house. She had gone shopping and bought a sparkly, blue dress! She looked very pretty. Lloyd, because he’s such a gentleman, bought her a dozen red roses. They were beautiful! They were her first roses, yay! Lloyd drives an expensive blue car; it was so cool to drive in it. So we went to the pizza place and ordered a giant cheese pizza. After pizza, Lloyd surprised her with a trip to a scary movie! They bought popcorn and candy for the movie and they sat in the back row of the theater. They went to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning. Jalissa gets really scared and Lloyd wraps his arms around her an dand holds her and says, “Don’t be scared because I’m here!”

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