Hot Summer Day

Jayda Bartholowmew


It was a hot summer evening and Jayda was walking her dog, Law. They arrived at the beach and the dog jumped into the ocean because he liked to swim. Since Jayda didn’t know Law could swim, she mumped in after him. Before long, they were both far away from land and didn’t know how to get back. Thankfully, Flavor Flav showed up at the beach to save Jayda and Law. First, he took his clock off so it wouldn’t weigh him down, then he jumped in the ocean.


“Here I come!” yelled Flav.


Delicious, Flavs girlfriend stayed on shore. She was nervous because she didn’t want Flave to drown.

Once Flav got to Jayda, he threw his jacket to her to pull her back to shore. Law paddled behind the.

Back on shore, Jayda said, “Thank you Flav!” Jayda and Delicious decided they were hungry, so they went to Potbelly’s. Delicous had never been there. She was used to fancy restaurants in the city, but she loved it.


After they ate, they realized they left Flav and law at the beach.


Back at the beach, they started a volleyball game with a few other people. Law didn’t play because he’s a dog, but he did make a good cheerleader!

Flav tried to hit the ball, but his clock made him fall to the ground. Delicious tried to save the ball, but she tripped on Flav.


Everyone started laughing, even law.


Jayda’s team won 15 to 4.


By that time it was almost 10 P.M., so Jayda and Law decided to go home.


When Jayda got home, her mom asked her how the baech was. Jayda started telling her everything that happened. Her mom didn’t believe any of it and lauged at her. “You have a very vived imagination,” she said.


Jayda didn’t care because she knew it really happened. Jayda never knew that taking Law for a walk could turn into such an adventure.

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