Ode to the Boys and Girls Club Workshop Writers

February 10, 2007

Elizabeth Hatmaker


Naquita is a senorita, no

One could be sweeta.

Nicole is full

Of soul, like cherries

In a bowl.

Naquanta—see her saunta,

Best not to

Taunt her.

Aaron , he’s so carin’

And darin’ (except when he’s swearin’)

Jayda will see ya

Later, the boys would

Like to date her.

Drew makes everyone smile

When they’re blue,

He could run

His own crew.

Jalissa swims in the pool,

She is really cool.

Nobody’s fool.

Jayden’s best when he’s

Creatin’, he’d

Scare off Satan

Aja’s-power is major

To all the kids, she’s a


DeAndrea likes to draw

Until the paper’s raw. Her

Word is law.

Tierra rules the world,

Around her finger she has you


Ayanna likes to eat

A hundred candy bars would

Be no feat, she’s so sweet.

Mizz Laura runs the show

She helps you when

You feel low, Everyone

Loves her so.

I want to be specific

The Boys and Girls Club is Terrific!

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790