Batman and Spongebob

Jayden Mitchell


Batman and Spongebob were playing basketball, and Spongebob was winning, but Batman was catching up. Then Scooby Doo came in looking for Batman, then played basketball with them. Then Scooby Doo beat Spongebob at basketball. They all decided to play tag. Patrick and Squiduard, Spongebob’s friends, wanted to play too. Patrick counted while everyone else hid. Patrick found the monsters from Monsters Inc. by accident. Patrick said to them, “I found you!” Then everyone else who were not found decided to play football. Batman won the football game. They did not want to play soccer or kickball. Then Patrick and the Monsters Inc. monsters found Batman, Spongebob, and everyone else. They went to the high school. They all had fun. Then everyone went home.

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