Aaron Crooks


Spyro was skateboarding with Hunter and his back up fire on the back of his board. They had to get the Trimo on balloons off the huge ramp. When they get the Trimo they fall off the balloons.


If I had Trimo as a pet he would laugh at me. If I had Spyro as a pet that would not be a good idea. My parents won’t let me take him out of the game.


If I were in the game, I would hide underground from the monster. Bentley or I would kick him.


If a purple dragon were the last on earth he could not be in the zoo. He can only be killed in a canon.


One type of dragon still exists called the Komodo dragon. They live where dragons used to live, in forests, and walk on four legs.


Dragons eat fast animals, a cheetah would be easy. American dragons will sneak up on you if they think you’re food. They head butt and scratch.



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