Commentary/Praise from Euphemism Staff-Volunteers


The young writers were inspiring and energetic. They created a wonderful writing atmosphere and supported and encouraged each other. This was truly an experience I will never forget, and remains one of my most cherished memories.

Lauren Lubas


The workshop at the Boy’s and Girl’s club was a wonderful experience for me. I don’t have many opportunities to interact with younger people and was nervous at first, but the young writers were extremely friendly and excited to create! It was grand writing poetry, stories, and drawing pictures with them. As soon as they came and sat down at our table their eyes lit up; all of them ecstatic to get their hands on paper and pens to make their mark. Most of the work that was created that afternoon surprised me; the poems and stories are all innovative and entertaining, and the drawings endearing. I hope that we were able to inspire them to keep writing and drawing and instill a passion for art.

Julia Drauden


I feel honored to have taken part in the Boys and Girls Club writing workshop sponsored by ISU's Euphemism.  For many years I have been working with younger children at the park district that I work for.  While that has provided me with a genuine and memorable experience, I can truly say that I have enjoyed branching out to Bloomington-Normal community.  This workshop allowed me to work with young writers who were itching to express their creative sides.  With a little encouragement and poking and prodding, the writers seemed to grasp a newfound love for creative writing.  Overall, it was a very rewarding workshop where everyone enjoyed observing the progress of the writing and the smiles on the young writers' faces.

Dani Athans


After an exciting day of watching ideas spill onto the page, I sat back to reflect on what I just experienced. These young writers have the capability to throw down some amazing pieces of work. I had fun, the writers had fun, and plenty of good products were produced.


Here are 3 points I learned at the writing workshops:

1. Creativity really begins to flow when there is pizza involved.

2. For being an aging rapper with a bad sense of fashion, Flava Flav has really made quite an impression on the youth of America.

3. There is some serious talent out there…

Keep these kids writing.
Dan Frederking







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