A Plan Involving Vivisection



What’s wrong with wearing your coat in the summer?

You get so hot, it’s a total bummer!

What’s wrong with sweaters in summer!

My dad wears them, and he’s a plumber.

In the winter I get so cold I turn purple.

That kind of cold makes my language colorful.

What’s wrong with shorts in winter?

It makes me so cold, I start to splinter

What’s the problem with swimming trunks in autumn?

The leaves from the trees fall down, so might your trunks, so I caught ‘em

What’s wrong with a swimming suit in winter?

The same as with autumn, but you’ll also need a mentor.

And what’s with all the Spanish in Spain?

Because those kooks love to inflict pain!

Anyway, what’s the lesson of this tale?

Never give salt to your snail.

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