You Find Yourself Unable to Speak

J.L. Trackton


You try to ask the voice what the catch is, but you’re unable to form an answer. Reaching up to your mouth, you discover continuously smooth skin where your lips should be, but you can still feel your teeth and tongue inside of what should be your mouth. Suddenly, the voice materializes into hands - just hands. Hands that close around your throat, squeezing tightly. You kick and scream, trying anything to escape their cold grasp and end up on the floor in a cold sweat. 

It was all a dream. 

The first thing you do is reach for your mouth. Sure enough, your lips are still there, and you say “goodmorning” to yourself as an added precaution. Shakily, you pick yourself up off the floor and head to the kitchen to make some coffee. That will be sure to erase the vivid memory of cold hands closing around your throat. What a wild dream. You vow to stop eating pepperoni before bed and get on with your day.

You pick up a bottle of whiskey on your way home from work and pour yourself a glass as you “cook” dinner - a rotisserie chicken, instant mashed potatoes, and microwavable vegetables. Pouring another whiskey on the rocks, you settle down in front of the television to enjoy your dinner. Just as you sit, the doorbell rings. 


A. Get up and answer the door


B. Finish your dinner and pour another drink

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