You meet a stranger. You don’t know where he came from. She. It? The voice doesn’t have gender. It does not even feel here, ethereal. It said something earlier didn’t it? What did it say?
“You could have anything you want,” was that it? Did you hear that right? “Anything.”
“For what?” you ask. “Nothing’s free.”
It reveals a contract.
“What are you willing to give up?” it says, and hands the contract to you.
You try to read it. The ink shifts under your eyes, letters moving, terms mutating.
“What if I refuse?” 
“Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”
It's right. How could you pass this up?

A. You’re uncertain. You don’t agree with the terms and try to negotiate.


B. You become distracted.


C. You find yourself unable to speak.




D. You ponder the great unknown.

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