Submission Guidelines:

We publish two issues per academic year (August -May) and have two reading periods (typically from August to mid-October and from January to mid-March),


Fall Submission Deadline is Friday, October 27, 2016


Note: If you have trouble sending your submission from an ISU account, try to send from a gmail, yahoo or other non-ISU account.


We carefully consider work from all writers who send submissions. We accept work in traditional, non-traditional and multi-generic forms. We accept individual and collaborative pieces. We now accept spoken word, music, sound instillation, video submissions, comic strips, and review essays. Please proofread work that you send; although we try to maintain the integrity of experimental work, Euphemism reserves the right to fix any obvious typos. We do have several editors who are happy to work with writers who would appreciate an extra editorial eye.


Send your work to

  • Subject line: submission, month, year (e.g. Submission October 2016).
  • Attach your work in .rtf, .jpg .mp3, .png, .gif, .wmv, .pdf and .mov formats
  • Because we follow a blind review process, please remove your name from all attachments.
  • Title each attachment according to genre (e.g. "Poetry 1," Fiction 1" Poetry 2," "Essay 2").
  • Make sure your name and e-mail address are clearly indicated in the body of your e-mail.
  • Please give titles for your work.
  • If your work is accepted, we will contact you via e-mail and request an author's statement.
  • Please do not paste your work into the body of the e-mail.


A Note on Publication Rights: as a small journal, we don't claim any sort of first publication rights on work we publish. However, other journals may refuse to publish your work if they know you've already had it published in Euphemism. If you'd like to have a piece removed from our site for any reason, we're happy to oblige. While we can remove links to your work immediately, reference to your work may appear in Google searches for a few months. . Unfortunately, we can't control this. Know also that we shut down our office every summer from late April to late August. We also shut down from early December to mid January.



  • 3 poem maximum
  • poems that utilize non-standard white space (concrete poetry for example) can be sent in .pdf
  • we do accept original translations


Short Fiction:

  • up to 5,000 words, double spaced
  • 2 submission limit
  • we do accept original translations


Essay/Creative Non-Fiction:

  • Up to 5,000 words, double spaced
  • 2 submission limit
  • we do accept original translations


Visual Art:

  • send in .jpeg, .gif or .png format
  • visual must be 500 pixels wide
  • picture quality must be medium
  • must have descriptive file name
  • 5 image maximum


Spoken Word/Sound Instillation:

  • send submissions in .mp3 files
  • 2 submission limit


Original Music:

  • send submissions in .mp3 files
  • original (non copyrighted) songs only
  • 5 minute limit on each submission
  • 3 submission limit
  • we are pleased to accept scores for original compositions in addition to mp3 files.


Video Submissions (video poems, flash poetry, cinepoems, experimental video, short documentary):

  • send sumbissions in .wmv or .mov formats
  • no copyrighted material (songs, images)
  • 5 minute limit on each submission
  • must be exportable for web viewing
  • 3 submission limit


Comic Strips/Sequential Art/Graphic Narrative:

  • send submissions in .jpg or .pdf. (Note: if you compose in a different format, e-mail and let us know and we'll see if we can publish it)
  • 3 strip limit


Essay Reviews: (Essay Reviews are accepted througout the year-- no submission deadline!)

  • We accept varied lengths, though prefer no review be over 5,000 words.
  • We publish reviews of university-sponsored readings, plays, films, and concerts as well as local events not likely to receive attention in mainstream publications.
  • We seek reasonable description, thoughtful analysis of the performance, and careful contextulization.
  • These essays should reflect a desire to celebrate creative expression at Illinois State University.






Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790