The Poor Man Must Trust

Henry Hanson


The poor couple peered through their cracked window pane,
Praying to heaven that the Lord not send rain.
For the hole in their roof made it leak like a sieve;
They wanted it fixed yet no money to give.


She went to their cupboard but it was quite bare.
Just two cans of soup and some crackers were there.
The check from their FICA was coming next week –
Their prospects for meals were incredibly bleak.


So they got on their knees and talked to the Lord
And prayed that their pleas would not be ignored.
A knock on the door brought them both to their feet;
Perhaps their great God brought them something to eat.


But a neighbor girl smiled as she asked them for money;
They tried to be cheerful but this wasn’t funny.
He pulled out a quarter and handed it to her.
She thanked them and left with the others who knew her.


Now back on their knees – this did not seem just;
But God answered back they would still have to trust.
“You’re here for my glory and not for your own;
Please try to accept that and try not to moan.”


I’ve promised that I would provide for your needs,
But life’s not all flowers – there’s going to be weeds.”
The very next day from their church came some others,
With groceries and products from sisters and brothers.

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