The moon says “Rawr!”

Kevin McKenzie


The moon says “Rawr!”

To a sleeping hemisphere

Drugged on scientific prescriptions in places

And cheaper, Columbian narcotics in others.


Space men can’t hear, of course

Because sound doesn’t travel in space

And the moon’s reddened face

Seems gray and ashen


Busy people in skyscrapers,

Not really tall enough to knick the sky’s knees

But big enough to be above the little lights

Ignore the Moon and calculate its worth


The government, filled with little men and

Ex Marines consider the moon’s message

A threat, and make plans to out the aggressor

As a homosexual and communist


Hippies and heathens,

Eat vegan feasts under the Hunter’s Moon

An excuse for Bacchanalia

Early this year


In a poorly lit vista, a man chances to hear

The orange moon and its ancient call

Vulpine curiosity perks in half-awake ears

“Rawr, you say?”

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