Kyle Scott

Two monsters in our nightmares, standing in the dark driveway


do that nose-dive.
A brief passing of joggers
between alleys
exhausting steam from lungs
that float over fields
of ice-glazed grass.
Businessmen in leather coats hop into
their white pick-ups.they seem silver
in the wrong angle

A graphite orchestra
is dow n load ed
throughout my apartment
like a rotisserie pig
assisting in dusk trance
and low heart rate in the living room.
The curtains are all thrown back.

Then, the 5 o'clock commuter is
injected into our city
and for a moment our dance is busy.
Feet barter spaces excuseme pardonme I'msorry noI'msorrygoahead thank you
eyes all over didyouseethat what thethingthere whatthingmakesense there oh
the neon comes on hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
and every citizen glows yeahI'llbetheretonight ontimethistime maybemaybenot gotsomethingstodoandpeopletoo hayeahknowhowthatiswellseeyathereman
glowing with a hope that today they have the winning lottery ticket
in their hands ohgodpleasegod letmewin Ijustwanttowin evenifitsonlylike2mil
I'llpaymybrotherbackandgiveeveryonewhatevertheywant I'lldolikeahalfandhalfthingand
I'llownpropertiesallovertheworld andkeephalfofmyhalf inthebank and theresttoblowon
everythingI'vealwayswanted man ohpleasegodletmewinthistime

For the quiet ones
removed from traffic
downed on a couch
with blanket
a record
tortilla chips (w/out salsa)
and thoughts of lovers
will suffice.

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240