Yonic breaths

Danielle Cochran


through darkness
she offered me paradise
exposed the entrance to eden
which doesn't seem so forbidden
this eve
breathed 67 metronomic rhythms
each exalted air
an instrument
orchestrated for seduction
fell victim to desire
placed through words carried on my tongue
forging erotic tattoos on caramel surface

shaded by moonlight
shadowed by emotions
i embroided tantric messages
on the walls of life
later to become hieroglyphics
of past love affairs
only to be seen by your birth children and gynecologist

freed from cells of lust
rewarded with nature's nectar
flowing warm
as if you've been sitting on the sun
after simmering the waters of this romance
letting the winds of pleasure breeze through you
easy as hollow trees in the eyes of twisters

fingers eagle claw backsides
leaving fingerprints so deep in genes
you can trace her history in
future blood test

these moments feel like lifetimes
in seconds of pleasures
but in order to order these thoughts correctly
separated by big bangs
us took travel
to dimensions and gave me a new vision of the universe

there is a passion fruit that can't be found in grocery stores
online or even Walmart
which marinate in midnights
matures with age
kept fresh by gates which lock upon bi-pedal movement
the taste seems so at home
hypnotized by the music
too bad life is not a cd you can put on repeat
because I would play that melody every night
smiling speechless

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