Devona Mallery


All my life,
people have placed me on a pedestal
to protect me.

I stand alone.

Cold and distant.

Untouchable and pure.



Worshipped from afar like some abstract object.
Drooled over and desired,
but rarely approached.

I have to admit,
there is some cold comfort
in my remote protectiveness.
I don't suffer from many of the maladies that befall others.
my aloofness shut me away from others as well as myself.

Most don't realize;
I'm flesh and blood like them.

I want to be touched,
respected for myself,
not for my outward coolness.

Slowly, yet gently,
I chip away at the outer cool, smooth marble
to reach the warm-hearted woman

I have come off the pedestal a long time ago.
parts of it still cling to me,
keeping some at a distance and in awe
of my supposed power.

They don't realize;
my power doesn't come from being remote.
It comes interaction.
It comes from within,
not from without.

Now, I am a goddess
with her feet on the ground
and her head in the sky.
Approachable if you are willing to look
the surface.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790