Forests and Flashbacks

Sam Schild


Forests and Flashbacks
I had a flashback one time.

Resting my battered body on the tiles,
staring at the wall.
I saw the beginning of mankind
And the first to make friends
with hallucinogenic help
When he found the magic mushrooms
under the tallest trees.
I heard the trees
and they spoke to me in deciduous talk.
Translating the rustling leaves was a task
but I did it.

And they screamed
"Help him, he's convulsing, he's convulsing!"

I watched in terror as he shook
like a great aftershock.
I yelled for help
but no one among the forest noticed.
As the shaking slows to a quiver I can breathe
His body leaps
from the countless defibulations to the chest.
The stretcher's path to the ambulance seems to go for miles

Shout the trees
as they attempt to shock him to life.
I see them bracing for another tight turn
to make better time,
For the last time couldn't have been worse.
And they need a miracle to save that first man now
For when Jesus is on a trip of his own
the phenomenons stop.

I cry as my spirit floats towards the heavens
Watching them zip up my fresh corpse
and throw it in with the rest.

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