Issue 12.2 Spring 2017

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Volume 12 Issue 2


Elizabeth HatmakerThis issue is dedicated to Dr. Elizabeth Hatmaker, who served as the faculty advisor for Euphemism from 2005 to 2016. Her desire to support budding artists and writers led to the founding of this journal and its mission to represent a myriad of creative voices. She will continue to be an inspiration for our staff and for the work we publish each semester.




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Euphemism Staff Spring 2017


Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Kara Hamilton

Fiction Editor: Zeph Webster

Nonfiction Editor: Haley Varnes

Poetry Editor: Alexandra Daggett

Media Editor: Kelly Byker

Social Media Coordinator: Jenny Glasscock

Publications Director: Brigid Ackerman

Submissions Coordinator: April Petrie
Yelling About Books! Director: Julia Andersen

Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Hurley



Tad Dieken, Healy Gier, Chris Henning, John Golden, Mason McCoy, Rachel McKinley, Mary Ochs, Alanah Ruffin, Emma Tod, Anna Yakey




Music Pages

Gypsy Boy/Highway Rag  Zach Karlovitz

All I See is You  Emily Johnson

CyberSwamp  Zack Jones



Table of Contents


Art & Photography

Breathe  Haley Jackson

suspended animation  Seth Davison

San Francisco in Technicolor Zach Karlovitz

Anxiety  Haley Prokaski

little fang, little fang  Seth Davison

Popsicles Hyacinth Leaf  Stacy Maddox

Fading Monarch  Mariah Bormann

Wicker  Haley Prokaski

Bee  Mariah Bormann

LT North  Haley Prokaski

Under Pastel Skies  Zach Karlovitz

Moon Dance  Stacy Maddox

End of an Era  Katie Sall

Date Night  Haley Prokaski

moon, sailing over water  Seth Davison

Giants  Mariah Bormann

Concrete Jungle  Mariah Bormann

Torn  Haley Jackson



Glass  Allison Maretti

The Five Stages of Loss  Kimberly Larsen

Tired  Haley Varnes

Attacked  Cheyenne Haenitsch

The House Always Wins  Caitlyn Hartman

Gatorade  Zoe Schmidt

Serial Stains  Emily Johnson

I Don’t Have a Title  Haley Varnes

Married to Marilyn  Sam T. Jenson

When th Lights Go Out  Madison Klintworth

Sergeant Hannah and the Patriots  Paul Lewellan

The Three Wishes  Arthur Davis



Gypsy Boy/Highway  Rag Zach Karlovitz

All I See is You  Emily Johnson

CyberSwamp  Zack Jones



Creative Nonfiction

The Hip Bone’s Connected to the...  Britt Kotiw

Cerulean  Emily Bauer

Timeline of a Messy Mind  Nikki Monroe

Snow in November   Kayla Jane Jeffers

The Inevitable  Nehal Shah

The House at the End of the Lane  Chloe Nowicki

Benchmark  Emily King



elegy for a coat hanger  Maddie Blackwell

Infant Infinities  Laura Eades

Shower James  Croal Jackson

Indifferent  Robert Beveridge

Synonyms for a Quarter Life Crisis  Alexis Adams

I Told Someone  Shelbi Sarver

Molded Memories  Anonymous

Breakers  Allison Madura

mending: a list of sensations  Sophie Gimble

Kindling Soul  Alexis Foran

“Were You Raped or Not?”  Lauren Leady

How to Fix Yourself, Fast!  Julia Andersen

Tax This, Too  Megan Nierenhausen

Gerunds and Friends  John Davis

Last Cal l Allison Madura

Funeral  Laura Eades

Infinitives  John Davis

Contempt  Steve Jepson

A Blanket Metaphor  Craig Heyne

The Predacious Coast  Joseph S. Pete

A World with No Color  Elaine Hocker

December 14, 2015  Haley Hatton

In This, The Shortest Month  Allison Madur

Mocking Train  Caitlyn Hartman

Stay  Alexis Adams

Another Entry in My Epistolary Novel  
Richard King Perkins II

Of Heartland Hearths  Laura Eades

Door Skins  Richard King Perkins II

The Desert Infinite  Alexis Foran



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