Find the Needle

Allyse Edmonds


embedded in a tree. air. anywhere and nowhere at once. find it in the same place as before. same way as before. find it where did it go? the ability. comprehensibility. find life. question motives, you're always right, you're always wrong, reinvent the truth of yourself until it's nothing but a perception and opinion, how are you wrong about what you see, you don't see, but nobody sees. search the stack. hay lies bare, floating ground, it's not there. check later. look around. layered in everything. where it left. it stays nearby. just out of reach. watch the swirls, see the color, meet the ending head-on, paint your life, explain for too long, don't say anything, write long passages, write shorter ones too, ignore it, there's nothing left in infinite obliteration. stars reveal everything. so does the sky. ask but listen. listen but speak. speak but don't talk. pointlessness fills the entire space. it isn't there anyway. on the bus. near the pavement, the two, no three, conversing, demonstrate more than an entire parade. in the world. red, blue, green, orange, there is no yellow. it is the lack. everything is it. find everything, it's only perception.







find it find it find it

it's there, always there, forever there, if you only search a little harder, a little more, there - beyond your grasp, you'll find it, scratching away its own existence in the world.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790