Stephanie Fisher


Sir my eyes are like the scar on your stomach

I’m not sure what happened to you


Our irises are the same color too

But mine weren’t always blue

Like the rain

And the sky

And the blood in our veins


I’m sure you bled a lot when they tore you up

But healed well with their crisscrossed stitches

Woke within hours

Now there’s nothing left but raised skin


High like the time when I flew


I was sixteen in the back of a black pick up truck

We hit a pole and

My head cracked open up

I remember flying but not when I hit the ground


The next three months I was like Amelia Earhart

In a cloud

Only I wanted down


I spent that summer asleep

And I think you were in my dreams

In my coma I wished for your eyes

Mine were dark brown and you were my light


Sir you can see my scar now too

My eyes are like the scar on your stomach

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