For Jealousy

Lauren Lubas



Though my hands have slid past

a thousand pages, they

have gone nowhere.


Yesterday I made a

wish in the shade

of your favorite

Kauri, but a branch


snapped and

you fell away

from me.


With eyes of dust I walked on.




And though my eyes witnessed

the most liquid sunsets

they have seen nothing past sun

and horizon.


I keep them open

as if I can see

more, but the world

becomes an encompassing

gray area.


With no more to see I lift a hand to feel the world.




I’ve walked to holey soles,

but have been nowhere.


And under another

secret wishing tree

I found a love

and he found me.


But shade fades

a smile


and sunset turns

to ash.


And I sense epiphany:

the only time they

connect to me

is when sperm

meets egg

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