Life Like Jazz

Todd Eddy



I would take pills

and rumble like

great thunder

in the sky


on others

I would smoke weed

and streak

across the horizon


an electrified spiderweb


some nights

lonesome foolish bumlike

i’d sit and pass myself

a cheap bottle

of port

and crooked lines

of poetry


‘til the cops would nudge me

with a nightstick


“move on buddy,

this ain’t no YMCA”

and i’d roll up

on my floating mind

and stumble

into the dawn


before the rooster




other nights i’d

goof on juice

and dig

the brotherly wailing

of sax-y jazz

blowing me to heaven

and there would be

no reason to leave

but to sleep

and sleep could wait

at least until

the bottle drained

the last drop

of nectar

down the throat



I could follow

that sweet blow

to the cradle

of death of day

and sleep fatigued

‘til brother stirred

my blood to life



in these

new days

no weed

need be smoked

to see

the holy spirit

no wine

need be chugged

to follow

that dream


some days

my soul absorbs

life like jazz



and bops to some

crazy horn blowing



strange how

I never knew me

when I would be

tooting my frutti

but now

I know me

under starry spotted

sky, wind blowing


like a cool sax

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