Monika Thelen


smiles lines

soft words


she dreams a dream of silk


sunlit mornings unabashed

closed doors

open windows

promises kept


if only that dream never faded


she loves to lie in bed at night

imagining words of beauty

a rhythm unhurried

without the desperation

of young love


she day-dreams of mercy

slender hands

and delicate fingers

lilies floating

and soaking in warmth


in her dreams, there is symmetry

of the sweetest kind


at length, the vision fades

with sleep as its parting gift

offering what solace it can

imparting the gift of oblivion


she will wake tomorrow

to dream again

in shades of cream and violet

holding whispered words close

and unspoken closer still


with eyes open and dancing

she will gaze at the heavens



still full of hope

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790