Artist Statement

It is always a struggle to find that special someone, what makes finding that person even harder, is having to deal with the constant question of “why?” from those who claim they love you while you’re in your search. It only makes things harder, and becomes irritating, so you have to come up with a clever response to the “why” question to get people to leave you alone and this was mine.


Jacqueline McGhee


Are you sure you’re not a lesbian?

You know, because you’re 22 and

STILL a virgin

Are you afraid of men?

I mean come on

What could possibly be wrong with you?

You’re a pretty girl

Do you even try and talk to guys?

Believe me they don’t bite

And if they did

It wouldn’t hurt

Why don’t you date?

You’ve never brought a boy home


Just give it a try

And if you don’t like it

Then at least you can say

Oh well, it’s not for me

Then you can finally accept the

Fact that you ARE gay

I mean you have to be

There’s no other possible explanation…


Ok mom

Whatever you say

I MUST be a lesbian

Because I choose to wait until I find

The right guy

Yup, you hit the nail on the head

There’s no getting past you

Maybe I’ve never brought a guy home

Because you and dad are crazy

Maybe I don’t date because

I don’t want to end up like you,

Completely submissive

Maybe you’ve scarred me for life

In the relationship department


That couldn’t be it

You were right

I’m obviously a lesbian!


And for all these years

I just thought I was being cautious….

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