Number 9

Megan Welgat


Hold me please! All I want is for your arms to circle me. I want to huddle me head underneath your arm. I want to remember that scent of the old, navy blue robe with the satin trim around the edge. Remember?


I don’t want you to think I’m gone. It kills me inside to think that you might wonder if I’m still there, do I still love you! Please don’t let me go!


Remember Miss Pink? I do. Remember how much fun she had with you, stop making me cry. I don’t want to be sad I just want to remember, I don’t want to forget! Don’t tell me you forgot, you have to be the one to remember for me. You have to tell me what happened!


I remember eating Chinese soup in front of the TV, watching the koala bear show in my new dress. Remember? Please. I’m his. Why didn’t he care as much about this? I don’t remember him. I’m supposed to be his favorite, remember?


Give me something to hold onto, something that will make me remember everything and love every minute of it. Did they love me, remember me, please? No one else wanted to play with you? We always had so much fun. Remember?


Mom, what’s going on? Now I see you and you don’t love me like that anymore. Sarah’s better? Please I want to remember, I want to be Miss Pink again. I’m trying!


Don’t worry. It’s okay. Don’t cry. I don’t have to remember, please, don’t. I won’t remember. I will forget. I will go on. I can get something else to make me happy, something to complete me please.

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