the Pube

Melissa Coyle


There is a pubic hair on the pillow,

that is not mine.


This is the kinkiest and blackest pube I have ever seen,

so thick it could register on a scale,

a petite souvenir from the previous guest,

conveniently ignored by the maid.


I wish I knew if the owner was good looking,

that would make my task of removing the pube,

more bearable.


It could belong to a foreign mustache man,

who doesn’t wash his parts,

with breathe that smells like an antique book.


This is not the spider I pinch with a tissue,

there is no material I can put between me,

and the pube.

I would rather have feces smeared on my pillow ruffle,

or a blood booger wiped on the wall-

for these I could at least request a room change.

I am in pube jail.

Suddenly I want my Mommy.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790