Road Trip

Josh Fisher


high moon low highway medium mountain

car: a 1979 Volkswagen hand-me-down

has a hard time on a flat surface

she smokes


mind attempts the mechanic

move pieces of metal in chaotic fashion

to her broken engine:

beautiful piece of man work

it’s complexity a cultural obstacle –

damn me for learning Arthurian legend

instead of an easy fix for my car’s engine


wrench for pen bolts for paper

tubes belt rubber for plot

strange liquid of an industrial snake

spits a mathematic accuracy

a physical hit – blinding barrage


how I wish I left this jalope in the garage

cave dungeon lair places of evil men

away from society – laughing boys

giggling girls feasting reading drinking

writing – seethe in anger to disrupt



walk away from twisted metal skeleton

fancy expensive pen pocketed with papers

plain thoughts of tough diner crowd ahead –

angry mechanic – aroma of broken down bacon


soggy syrup waffle butter blown

tastes of cold country - pen

waits on haunches haunts my hand

vengefully: write – her rebellion

pen’s victory welcome defeat

- silent Mrs. Butterworth

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790