Artist Statement

It is always a struggle to find that special someone, what makes finding that person even harder, is having to deal with the constant question of “why?” from those who claim they love you while you’re in your search. It only makes things harder, and becomes irritating, so you have to come up with a clever response to the “why” question to get people to leave you alone and this was mine.


Jacquline McGhee


Lay back and let me


On top

All I want to do is whisper

Sweet somethings in your ear

No physical

This time

The mental is what I’m after

The others can promise

To make your toes curl

And your eyes roll into the back

Of your head

That’s fine for a premature


But will they make

Your brain shake

Like an earthquake in


See I don’t want to

Fuck you

But I do want to

Make love to your wits

Perhaps even blow your back out

With a literary stroke or two

I want to caress your earlobe

With words from Maya

Kiss your lips with a touch of



Embrace your Roots

With the vision of Alex Haley

I don’t want you to submit


I plan on

Sending you

Into a climax of enlightenment

And when your mind is ready to


I’ll slip away

Leaving you to hunger for more…

That’s when I’ll know

You’ve been

Sufficiently rescued through my


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