wild turkeys

Michael Healey


it's late summer in early september.

i'm sitting at my computer looking

out the windows at my garden.


i see zinnias, clematis, sunflowers and asters;

a cacophony of color on color.

i see butterfly bush, coneflowers, morning glories

and mint. blues and pinks etched in black.

suddenly i go over to the radio

and turn off garrison keillor’s ‘companion.’

i reach down and turn off the fan,

heck, I even turn off the tv.

i want to hear the goldfinches sing -

i want to watch the garden grow -

i want to feel the flutter of butterfly wings

tickling the breeze that tickles me -

not for one minute thinking

of shrinking aquifers, or toxic waste,

or land-mines more prolific than compassion,

or litter in the streets where wild turkeys roam.

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