Who Will love a Black Woman?

Shavon Coleman


Seems like a simple question with no end

So underrated never appreciated

The idea of a strong black woman seems dated

Now and days black women are titled: baby mamma, video ho, unmarketable product

What happened when a black woman was: teacher, nurse, the mother of your child?

I’m sick and tired of other races thinking black women are beneath them

Because their same ones trying to steal our features

Black men be careful of the things you do

Because without a black woman there would be no you

It angers me when I open magazines and don’t see women that look like me

And ain’t no black princess in the Disney kingdom

I can’t be mad because we don’t respect ourselves

Believing the hype that sex sells

No honor among thieves the same seems to be true with black women

We drag each other down like it’s some kind of competition

When men don’t understand us they write us off as bitches

Not understanding that we have been pushed to our limits

They don’t want intimacy they prefer immediacy

So quick to grab the society driven idea of beauty

So I ask who will love us if we are not loved by our own

Who, Who, Who will love a black woman

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