A bowl of Toasty Oats lies on the counter

Kevin Hadsell


A bowl of Toasty Oat Bran lies untouched upon the kitchen table. In truth, it never had a chance. Not that it even made an attempt to vie for the childrens' affection; but then again, children have never liked oat bran, Toasty or otherwise. Too much fiber. Besides, oat bran carries the stigma of being associated with the elderly and the constipated, two things to which children rarely feel a connection. The bowl of Toasty Oat Bran sits upon the table, soaking in its own milk. The car pulls out of the driveway and the down the street, the scent of bacon and eggs still lingering throughout the house. Toasty Oat Bran knows that bacon and eggs have very little fiber. Toasty Oat Bran has grown to accept it.

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