A Delimitation

Adam Wykes




As there is day to know,

So there is night to forget.


And as there is land for all creation

So there is the sea for all destruction.


As there is the sky there is the earth

And as there is the mind there is the world.


As there are words to remember

So there is blankness, remembering what cannot be words.


As there is happiness,



And as there is truth,

There is falsehood.


As there is existence,

There is non-existence,

strange as it is,

for is is to be,

and to be to exist.


So as there are languages to speak,

There are minds using them to think.


As these thoughts are,

So are their limitations

the limitations of their language


And so as there is the existence

Of non-existence,


So there are things

That thoughts cannot know.


For in the existence of non-existence

For in the god of no god,


This exotic weakness is plain.




As there is time for everything,

So there is eternity in nothing.


As eternity resides in nothing,

So all thoughts reside in blankness,

having yet to be said,

but to be said further on.


As word is creation,

So blank is the sea.


So as the land arose from the sea,

The word arose from the blankness.


So as something arose from nothing,

So logic stands on wet sand.


So as language is weak,

So is logic unable to bear the weight.


For as the land stands upon the sea,

and the sea stands upon the deep lands,

and the deep lands upon the deep hot seas,

So the deep hot seas stand on nothing at the core.


As the very firstlings of this world stand on nothing

The very firstlings of this world stand on eternity

and words.


And as there are words to babble,

So there are definitions to mean,


As there is Arcady,

So there is “an ideal rustic paradise.”


So as there are words,

There is a word that they mean.


As there are these tiers of words,

so there rests, ascetic and sage,

at the summit,

A Word,

Which is in Forever.





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