A Friendly Conclusion

Josh Fisher


child of divorce

sorry son of a sorrowful marriage

left to wander the subterraneans


finds his rope of emerald sand:

grains fall onto a flowering bud gathering in horticultural haven


Marijuana, medicine of the mind



says protagonist of little presence


slowly he sinks into pools of depressants

accepting rank: underage user


father: Sherlock Holmes

discovers son’s dangerous discourse


mother: 1943 Germany

attacks son: London


bludgeoning him with bombs of innocent insults

insulating irreversible gashes of parental punishments


scared of succumbing to erogenous pushers under probationary period

his secret tears fall from bloodshot eyes


no man can be held for long

reaching for known narcotic neophytes

he delves into drug slinging to survive suburban straits




inflation is irrelevant as he hurts those he loves

calling them capitalistic casualties


friendless not penniless he escapes

to our neighbor in the north, maple-leaf paradise:

smoker’s dream




respiratory system shocked

mind accepts arrogance, becomes sloppy


a father roars paternal rage

as his diploma seems dangerously departed


to home he heads

penniless not friendless


enslaved to a manic mother’s morose molestations

of his pristine privacy


underneath dumb eyes warring provincial towns:

dependence and freedom fight for dominance


freedom attacks first, hits

using tools from the past:

pushing mental pain subsidies




his name grows in subterranean light

as coveted plant profits successfully soar


parents strive to be parental but omniscience is overrated

causing familial strife to suffocate clandestine connections


days descend like drops as summer ends

family falls, academia approaches


he turns to me and says

I’m never coming back




I nod

I’m changing my last name




I told him it sounded artistic

hoped his next 20 years

would be better


( )











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