Jessica Perez

(an ode to first love, again and again and again)



let’s work the kinks out

A sublime pair of parallel underwater liars

Fluttery sick like sixth grade

La la tra la la la la

Thelonious Monk Appollinaire

Ihop Beach Boys Baseball Benches


crawl out your window

Doesn’t matter if you can use the

front door

Enchanted life

We lead

Lead feet

Lead me down that path I was afraid of

you too but oh well

Let’s be reckless, silly, and young

Doo Wop Be Bop and Synthesizers

You said the eighties were a waste


For us

Lets kiss for hours and dance around like old folks

I’ll watch you play shitty guitar riffs

and you’ll watch me sleep

Tender Buttons, Naked Showers, and all the a-rhythmic beats

that we could muster up, because we MAKE the drums.

With our own hands

You’re right I’m left

Let’s sleep in

Temper Temper Kid

It’s all right I got a left hook and a foreign language

You do too? Well then let’s see the aerial landscapes

Break break, it’s okay

I am patient, persistent


I got a bigger heart than all of Greek town

Hey kid let’s work the kinks out

Cause no one’s got cookie cutter hands like moi

We got four languages between us and the whole world to conquer

It’s getting heavy and the lines are getting longer


That won’t stop me from giving you short glances

and all together harmonious high fives

I’ll be the high powered oxygen for your dying lungs

and You’ll be my fountain of youth


Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790