Midwest Serenade

Josh Fisher


Summer afternoon down by the lake

Guys outside just chillin’

Music blastin’, beers open

We’re playin’ “bags”

Easy really

Throw the bag into the hole


The grass is green

The cans shine

The creek rushes by

The bags thump

Everyone’s a little high


Today, beautiful spring day

White posts in the ground

Stark as a warning

When the little black girl

In her white shirt and pink skirt

Came over

Just to say Hi

The guys ignore her

Keep on sippin’ beers

Blastin’ music

Throwin’ bags

Little black girl cries

But everyone has a super hero


Her big sister flies in

Picks her up and takes her away

Back to momma’s arms, she whispers

In that big sister way


And so the bags continue

The beer sipped

The music blastin’

That little girl came back

A wide smile upon her face

Walked right up to me and said,



And I said Hi back

Hey, mister, my momma wants a beer, she said

I look her up and down and say, Yah where’s your momma at?

Inside, she said

So I follow

Past white posts

Through an ivy archway

Into that old house

Where momma sits


Momma apologizes up and down

I just stare

Cold beer in my hand

Little girl smilin’

Ma’am, I said

You’ve got a brave little girl right there


Momma nodded

Little girl nodded


I gave momma that beer

And walked right out of there

Past the giggilin’ little girl

Through the Ivy Archway

Past the white posts

Back to my yard

A smile on my face


Bags thumpin’

Water rushin’

Beer sippin’







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